Product Requiring License

Goods made of stones

The export of goods made out of stones from Indonesia is now subject to 2 distinct licenses:

“LHV” implemented from Avril 2007, and “ET “ effective beginning of April 2014 regarding granite, marble, onyx.

Natural rattan furniture and handicrafts

Due to a new regulation on the export of Ratan products from Indonesia, they will need to be inspected by Sucofindo prior to being shipped.

Goods made of Shells

Exporting goods made out of shells and / or of mother-of-pearl (partially or in totality) such as sea shells / jewelry-handicrafts-clothing with shells / mother-of-pearl inlays or embellishments from Indonesia now requires an export license: “KSDA”

Snake Skins item

Please note that snake skin –python / cobra / water snake- items such as: bags / purses / clutches / wallets / shoes are subject to a special export certificate called: “CITES” . We always air ship all snake skin goods so as to avoid sea freight (FCL & LCL) more complex formalities and prohibitive tariffs.

For your information, some particular exporting procedures may apply in certain countries in Africa and Europe. Please contact us for more details.

*The above-mentioned regulations may change with or without notice.
Please consult us for latest information when starting your purchases in Bali.

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